About us

Foxrabbit is an interdisciplinary design studio. We design and produce a variety of media (publications, signs, multimedia, web…), and handle information visualisation. Our studio reaches back to 2007, and its founders – graduates from the first edition of Academic Typography Course (Akademicki Kurs Typografii) – worked as designers, long before its conception. Among our clients are: the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości), Frontex, also known as the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the New Horizons Film Festival, GAP, Esprit, Aldo, Tefal, Rowenta, Krups, and the Nowa Era publishing house.

Meet our team

Tomasz Kuc
Tomasz KucPartner / Publishing and Design

A mathematician turned printer, a printer turned typographer, became strategist and specialist for publication planning. Formerly experienced technical editor, now more often Javascript/VBA programmer and information architect.

Rafał Nebelski
Rafał NebelskiPartner / Photography

The author of the anecdote that gave our company its name. Once a graphic designer and calligrapher, now a successful photographer (rafalnebelski.com). A Polish ambassador for Olympus. Involved in education in the field of photography.

Marcelina Michalczyk
Marcelina MichalczykArt Director

Creating complicated publications is her primary speciality, but being passionate about typography helps to create logos and brandings that are not only pretty but highly functional.

Marta Duda
Marta DudaGraphic Designer / Publications

Apart from designing, she is a true Adobe Indesign sorceress, considering how quickly she works. Her motto is: “do everything once, then look for ways to automate it.” She GREPs effortlessly. Marta also leads Indesign workshops for the students from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PJATK).

Jan Duda
Jan DudaVideo / New Media

Our special forces trooper. He takes any tech novelty with a pinch of salt, always considering their real-life applications. He works with students from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. Our camera- and after(effects)-camera guy.

Michał Nebelski
Michał NebelskiPrepress / Production

He will produce anything we come up with at the studio, delivering on time and making sure the quality is up to snuff. A photographer, printer, and production manager.

Kacper Kuc
Kacper KucPublishing

Our youngest team member who handles information visualisation and geographic information system (ArcGIS). Most of the maps produced by the studio go through him.