data visualization

What can we offer?


Maps and animations


Tabular data

Auto-updated data sets

How do we work?

Having studied the quantitative data, we draw and illustrate our conclusions. We select the form of the presentation based on the kind of data or the intended message.


… can be beautiful. Having spent years working on the edge of two worlds: Illustrator and Excel, we feel comfortable in both.

What can we do for you?

Static and animated maps and graphs

Our environment is the area between data and content sets (MS Word, Excel) and their visualizations (Adobe Illustrator/Indesign). We are proficient in both. We also create static and animated maps. We do not only use graphical data but based on the ArcGIS environment; we also work with geolocation data, e.g., building catchment maps for the biggest mall operators in Poland.

Tables and reports

We have many years’ experience working with tabular data. Proper table design involves more than decisions about the form, the proportions of font sizes, aligning numerical data or table orientation changes. Sometimes decisions must be made regarding the structure and hierarchy of lines or columns, their transposition or even breaking up larger tables into smaller parts. Data import and processing, as well as table composition, is one of our unique specialties.

Data vs design

The clients we work with expect a high quality of design while handling enormous data sets. Wishing to meet this challenge, we use original VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) scripts or Adobe Extended Script. Thanks to that, in consecutive editions, our professionally-designed maps or sets of tables are updated with little effort while maintaining their graphical shape, which drastically reduces the time for order processing.