We create

We have been present in many creative fields for over 15 years. Our wealth of experience and expertise has intrinsic value. It pays off while working on photography sessions.

We photograph

We guarantee perfect craftsmanship with a pinch of art. Such a blend of possibilities ensures original final photographs, which are nowhere to be found in stock photography banks.

We produce

We arrange high-level creative photography sessions. We guarantee a timely and complete execution with full support from our side. Quality is what you can expect from us.

What can we do for you?

Here, at Foxrabbit, we perfectly understand that a photograph can sell a product. Rafał Nebelski, who is responsible for this department, is not only our co-founder but also an experienced photographer with a wealth of personal achievements. His works were frequently awarded and praised, e.g., by finding highest recognition from the jury of competitions such as Neutral Density Photography Awards, International Photography Award, Prix de la Photographie Paris, or Moscow International Foto Awards.

What can we offer?

The Photography Department headed by Rafał handles commissions from the following categories:

  • advertising photography
  • product photography
  • business photography
  • event photography
  • architecture and interior photography
  • landscape photography
  • stock photography
  • photography workshops

How do we work?

In order to arrange a photography session, we first need to define the needs and expectations of our clients and set the deadline for the commission. Afterward, we prepare an estimate and after it is approved, we perform the service. Each commission involves a select group of producers, photographers, stylists, and retouch artists. The photographic equipment is chosen based on the premise and the theme, from micro four-thirds systems, through full-frame to medium format cameras. We also make use of drones and state-of-the-art studio and outdoor lighting gear.